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Wish I could get a refund

Old fires. Fires that arent there. Cant get any new fires at all. Terrible app

Awesome, reliable app!

I used to be a wildland firefighter so I am always interested in following fires out here in the west. Even more so now that theyve become larger, more intense and much more dangerous. I use it not only to keep updated in my area, but I can also plan trips better with the info. Another important use that I always know what is happening with family and friends that live in fire prone areas. Info is fast and accurate and always up to date, what more can you can ask from a free app?

Great app and support!

This app is a great way to keeps tabs on wildfires. Ive been using it for two years now. I had a data refresh problem and the dev was very quick to respond and fix the problem.

Love the app

Great way to keep up with the latest on the fires.


Easy to use, very informative.


Has all need to know info on fires. Very useful!


Great idea, and great when it works, but that is 1 out of 100 chance at this point. Hopefully updates soon.

Great app to view active fires!

Thanks for making this app!

Good job

Great app! pretty current too

Excellent app for hikers and outdoor people

This app pulls from the INCIweb and calfire source feeds, which have the most up to date fire. Easy to use, and perfect for getting accurate reads on fires in your area. However, please do check the actual source feeds to ensure that the app has updated, especially when you are going into an area that may have active fires.

Western states only.

Hey, Florida has wildfires, too. Only the western states fires show up. That detail should be mentioned in the description.


Wish you would put the state the fire is in on with the name of it


There is a two thousand acre fire less than five miles away, doesnt show up on here, waste of money!

Wild land fire app much better

The wild land fire app is free and more up to date!


Dont waste a dollar. This app is glitchy and doesnt regularly update wildfire information. Not a good source of info for the serious wildland firefighter.

Awesome app!!

Very helpful app

Slow to update

I am watching a fire happening right now on federal land, but no information on it - started yesterday??? A little slow to update to this app.


This app is a failure and should not be relied on for ANY warnings, evacuations or pre-emptive trips to the woods. I have watched from the day that the Glacier Fire started to today (5 days), sent the developer an email (no response after 3 days) and even though the fire has burned in excess of 4K acres, initiated evacuations of a small town AND made National News, plus my email...This Fire is STILL not displayed on this app. The App has now been deleted, never to waste space on my devices again! I do NOT recommend wasting any tim, effort or battery power with this worthless app!


This app is not very accurate. There are local fires that are active that do not show up on the screen or list.

Fire info is extraordinary!

This is the one fire app I wont delete!

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